Posted by: Meagan | March 24, 2009

Stuck in my Mind

Good writers are hard to find. It is pretty rare that you can spend just 2 hours of reading about someone become endeared to them, someone you’ve never met! I was recently searching through other wordpress blogs and found one on a woman with breast cancer. She was the best writer. Unfortunately her blog hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years. I can’t get her out of my head! What happened to her? Did she die of breast cancer? Her last entry was when she was done with chemo… maybe she was killed in a car accident? Maybe that doctor she was dating whisked her away to Cancun and they were married in a very traditional Jewish wedding in a non-traditional place. Maybe she was tired of sharing her painful battle with breast cancer. What a wonderful writer, what happened to her?

A friend of mine recently wrote on facebook that “Everyone has: obstacles in life. It’s how you deal with them that makes you who you are.” I couldn’t agree more. I could name 8 people in my life right now who are going through tremendously hard times. I do not hear them complain. It gives me hope and courage that if I am ever in their shoes I can do it too. I can be strong, I can make lemonade from those dang lemons I’m handed. All I can do at this point is help others and serve them the best that I can.

Thinking about obstacles I am almost immediately reminded of my childhood. My parents divorced when I was young and I was raised by my father. When I left for college a family friend invited me over to say good bye and he told me something I’ll never forget. He said that when my parents got divorced he was so scared for me, that I would be scarred emotionally and different. But then concluded that I was the most normal out of all my siblings! Haha! I still think about that as a funny memory, but also as an accomplishment. I worked very hard my young adult life to not let my circumstances dictate who I would be and how I acted. Yes I was a tomboy, but going to college I made very specific goals and before I was there 2 years I had totally bought a pink t-shirt! And I (kind of) learned to do make up, and do my hair cute. I think that at some point our obstacles become blessings. I’m not sure when that transition is, and I know it took mine a LONG time, but it will happen, just you wait.



  1. Party hopping and I found your super cute blog! Come visit us when you get a chance.

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