Posted by: Meagan | March 31, 2009

Moving Reflections

1. Next time I will ruthlessly purge belongings and clothes BEFORE packing them.

2. Our next computer will be wireless. I’ve pretty much had it with cords, losing cords, searching for cords, trying to cover up a mess of cords and remembering where they go!

3. Painting always takes longer than you think.

4. Do not paint before you get your kitchen tiled, because then you have to rewash and touch them up.

5. Have your new house professionally cleaned, don’t try and do it yourself in the midst of packing, painting and coordinating with contractors, nap time, and work.

6. Always expect the worst. There will be freezing rain on your moving day, your child will be sick and need breathing treatments, and you and your husband will have to share a key and you will get locked out, and your cell phone will die, and you will forget the snacks for your friends who helped you move in the freezing rain and you will have to run back to the store to get some.

7. House plants die when they are left in a freezing garage for a couple of days.

8. Ask people for help, seriously how did I think I could do this all on my own?


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