Posted by: Meagan | April 2, 2009



Awareness is key when you are talking about or dealing with an illness. I recently had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer which was, well, shocking to say the least! She exercises daily, eats healthy, has no family history of breast cancer and is quite young. I did some research on the site and was surprised by what I learned! Most women who get breast cancer do not have any family history of it at all. 8 in every 10 lumps found in breasts is benign. gives an overview of breast cancer myths. I had heard that men did get breast cancer, I didn’t realize that about 1700 men are diagnosed with it every year!

Early detection is key, so please do self examinations and get mammograms starting at age 35. If you have any suspicious lumps or changes in breast tissue make an appointment immediately with your doctor! 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer some time in their life.

If you would like to know more, and I hope you do, check out the links above. the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or NBCF, also has a great video. It is long but is broken up into sections. The earlier your detection the higher the survival rate. This site recommends women do self examinations once and month and for men to do them as well on a “regular basis”. Check it out, be aware, and protect yourself.


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