Posted by: Meagan | April 3, 2009

Count Your Blessing

and show some gratitude!

I was doing some research on gratitude and came across this great site: where Dr. Rich Bayer, the CEO of Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services, Inc. and a practicing psychologist writes his reflections on gratitude and reviews research done by Drs. Robert Emmon and Michael McCollough.

Recent psychological research shows that gratitude plays an important role in our happiness, our healthy adjustment to life, and even in our physical well-being. Dr. Robert Emmons and Dr. Michael McCollough describe some of these studies in their recently published book, The Psychology of Gratitude.

Drs. Emmon and McCollough also identified the three components each of us recognizes when we feel or think of gratitude. We must 1. recognize what we feel gratitude for 2. realize it come from someone else and 3. know that the action the person did was not necessarily deserved by yourself.

People in the experiments kept journals of their feelings of being helped and helping others and each became more positive and optimistic about life in general. We all know that being positive and optimistic does increase quality of life and has been scientifically proven to extend life. In lue of this new reminder to count my blessings, here is a list of them for you to read!

I’m Grateful For…

my husband, my son, my family, all the people who helped us move, all the people who watched my son while I was getting the house ready, the gospel of Jesus Christ, eternal families, the excellent examples my in-laws are, work out videos, mint chocolate chip ice cream, tissues, modern medicine, plants, dancing, friends, books, babies, cameras, the Internet, a shower and toilet that work (even if they aren’t in the same bathroom!), sunny skies, warm days, cars, microwaves, warm bed, toaster strudels (YUM!), slim fast, house shoes, my scriptures, my journal, the cute things my son says and does, being a stay at home mom, bubbles, plumbers, and about every modern convenience! I could go on but I think I will stop there and add the rest to my journal tonight!


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