Posted by: Meagan | April 21, 2009

Save Some Money, Cut Some Hair!

That’s right. To save some money I’ve been cutting my husband’s and toddler’s hair for… over a year now. For a Supercuts-type price you’re looking at $16ish per cut and even more for salon cuts. But since we’re talking about a man and toddler we’ll go Supercuts, and since my guys aren’t fans we wont tag the normal every 6 weeks for a cut we’ll go every 2 months. That is still us saving about $96 per, or about $192 between the two each year. Pretty awesome huh?

Now I do admit that I don’t cut my own hair because, well I don’t really have eyes in the back of my head and there is no way my husband is getting near my hair with a pair of scissors! But I have been going much longer between cuts (and at $40 a cut that can add up!) and trimming my bangs myself between cuts.

And just to prove that I don’t do a hack-job and embarrass my family, here’s before and after pictures of my little boy. If you are afraid of ruining your kid’s hair, just remember that boys you can always buzz if all else fails! In fact I only used buzzers in the pictures below. A 5 on top, 2 on the sides/back and a 3 to blend.


Okay so he also got a bath and his hair combed! But you get the idea, very nice huh?


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