Posted by: Meagan | April 23, 2009

Infinite Bubble Machine Review


I bought these infinite bubble products at Walmart for $15 (pretax) originally for my son’s birthday party and wanted to be sure it actually worked before I let 6 toddlers at it. Well it does work great!The infinite bubble mixture it come with works great, but then you can’t really use the stick to blow bubbles because most of the mixture is in the machine. The machine takes 6 AA batteries, that you have to buy separately. There is a small spout on the front that you are supposed to use to pour extra bubble mixture back into the original container. It is sub-par at most. I would suggest pouring over grass or a sink, not the kitchen floor like me. It is also very awkward to rinse out. I would spend the money on it again, and I’m pumped for the party!

The side container of ultimate bubbles (with the stick) works awesomely. Tons and tons and tons of bubbles. The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to fish the stick out, it was put in upside down, and made a bit of a mess getting a hold of the correct end. I did like that the bubble stick could click into the lid so you don’t have to fish it out again after the first time. BIG plus there for me.



  1. my son is 2 and my friend had get it for him. he would likeing it until it stopped working. yes stopped work. someone had hit the table and it turned over. and the bubbles stuff went into the fun part and now it is not working. i think that is not good if it is for kids. they should have made it where if it turns over then it will still work not stop working like it did so now he is out of a gift and he was sad about it not working no more. so why do they make toys like that and if it is turned over it stops.

  2. Yes, I bought it from wal mart and put new batteries did not work. These are defective products. SUE THE the company. I can not even find the name of the manufactuer on the toy.

  3. I also bought this product for $25.00 at walmart, plus it took 6 batteries so that was also $7.00 dollars, it just never worked correctly, the wand that went back and forth over the top stop working after an hour or so , the fan would work but no bubbles, I was not able to find the manufactuer either, I was very disappointed and would not recommend buying this product.

  4. Bought two bubble machines and both would not work after one use. Faulty switsh. Handy boyfriend took them apart and fixed the switches and then they would work. Pretty crappy for a $20 toy to only work once.

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  6. I love these bubbles, the hand held fan and the machine. My grandaughter chases them everywhere. We recently bought crayola colored bubbles, they don’t work as well. Looking for information on the company that makes Infinite Bubbles.

    • There is a department at WM that has the party supplies. The solution is called party favors brand bubble diluting and wand. It’s excellent in your machine. Consistancy of soap gives you a longer lasting bubble. D

      • Not diluting! Solution.

  7. Bought this for my son for easter… Its works for about 30 seconds or less then you have to push the wand to get it to move because it gets stuck… so we returned it and got a new one… Sure enough the new one does the same thing… I want to find the name of this company and not only get my money back but also a new WORKING bubble machine… SOoooo disappointing!

  8. Yah I bought one from wal mart for $10 bucks and it DOESNT shoot bubbles. Great scam

  9. Love the infinite bubble machine but can not find replacement bubbles does not carry them,,this is my second year to own the machine,,other bubbles just dont work as good.

    • Get the bubbles from the party section. Different brand but maybe better. I do not like miracle bubbles for anything.

    • I agree, I bought the machine, works great and my daughter loves it but cannot find replacement bubbles that work in the machine

  10. If anyone finds out where to purchase just the bubble mixture, please post!!! The machines may be sub par but the bubbles are the absolute best out there!

  11. I love infinite bubbles! Got it at WalMart for around $15 and have had it for 2 years. I need another for a 5yr BDAY gift. The best bubble solution and i’ve tried all of them, even homemade. I have the bubble inside the bubble style. Kids are always playing with it. Sometimes the bubbles are so big, they can hardly float! Other bubbles have had up to 5 smaller bubbles inside. Love, Love,Love!

    • What solution of bubble do you use for the machine, I cannot find a replaced solution to use in the machine that works

  12. Does anyone know if the still make this machine and if so, where it can be purchased?

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