Posted by: Meagan | May 20, 2009

72 Hour Kit Part 2: $40


This is what I got for $40 to start off our 72 Hour Kits.

3 camping bowls, 2 camping mugs, 3 Sporks (fork/knife/spoon combo), 10 packs of Ramen, heavy duty fire-starter Matches, 2 small jars of peanut butter, 2 8-packs of crackers, and 3 ponchos.

From our previous kit, I still had left over some Vienna Sausages and apple sauce that I added to the rest in an old back pack. We already have a lot of water storage so that isn’t a worry. We also have 2 first aid kits already, 2 wind-up flashlights and a wind-up radio. I think that if we absolutely had to we could survive off this, but I will be adding to it slowly. The nice thing about 72 Hour Kits, is that once you get the expense of the first kit done, it is a lot easier and cheaper to maintain because all you have to do is rotate food, not your bowls, compass or hatchet!


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