Posted by: Meagan | May 21, 2009

Complicated children’s toy packaging and a new solution.

Dinosaur Tail in plastic and with a wire

Go Diego Go! Dinosaurs, wired in to plastic.


Why is EVERYTHING taped up now?

What the Strangeness

What the strangeness?

Toy Packaging

In the middle of taking my son’s new mower out of the packaging. You can’t see the actual mower for all the cardboard and wires!

I think Packaging Engineers (there is such a thing) should have to pay us for designing products in this packaging! What a fail! You have a toddler wanting to play with their new present but they have to wait half an hour while you undo all the wires, cut all the tape and bandage your cardboard cuts.

Not only is packaging a total fail when it comes to getting the product out, but it’s wasteful! How many wires, plastic things, and cardboard are wasted by this awful packaging? I am happy to announce that someone is listening to us! Amazon has come out with “frustration free” packaging. It is a bare-bones version of the traditional packaging. They have launched an awesome campagin and you can see some of their traditional vs. frustration free packaging here! I think that it’s a step in the right direction and overdue. Thanks Amazon!


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