Posted by: Meagan | May 29, 2009

T is for…


TRUCK! If you couldn’t already tell from the picture. No Time for Flashcards does a letter of the week, and I decided to do the same type of thing for my toddler. But once we do the entire alphabet we’ll laminate them and bind them in a book to take as an activity.

The wonderful thing I learned from No Time for Flashcards is that you don’t have to go in order. Just work on any letter you want. Before my son and I colored the alphabet, one letter every few days and hung them up in his room. We drew a lot of things that started with that letter in the previous set, in this new alphabet I am working on one thing per letter. Sure you can do tiger, tickle, truck, tongue, etc for the letter T, but right now my little boy loves trucks. So that is what we are focusing on. He loves it and it is easy to do.

What you need: paper (construction or scrapbooking paper), glue, or double-sided tape, scissors, markers.

Step 1: Draw a “T” on a piece of paper, let your child color it in with markers or crayons.


Step 2: Cut out shapes for your truck. 3 Circles for tires, a rectangle with a bump at the end, and a square for the front, cut out finished “T”.

Cut to size

Step 3: Stick truck pieces to the paper, and stick “T” onto the flatbed, like the truck’s hauling the “T” around.


Step 4: Color rectangle on the front square to make a windshield and you’re done!


Some alphabet books.


Animalia by Graeme Base is an amazing ABC book. I bought one when I in the 5th grade and spent hours upon hours looking through it. “An Armored Armadillo Avoiding an Angry Alligator” Each letter has and alliteration as the poem, and each letter’s area, whether it is a page, half page or 2 pages is crammed full of illustrations of things that start with that letter. Each pages also has a little boy you can look for. Wonderful wonderful book.

Dr. Suess ABCs

Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess? This is such a fun book to read with your child, jam-packed with rhymes and silly looking (and imaginative) animals.


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