Posted by: Meagan | May 30, 2009

I Love When People Check my Blog

I’m not sure why, well yes I do. As a stay at home mom I often don’t feel connected to people. I hang out with a toddler all day, he doesn’t talk in sentences yet, and mainly roars at me like a dinosaur, so communicating with actual adults is important to me. I really miss working from the standpoint of the social life. Talking to peers about vast array of things. I talked about marketing strategies, new books, new designs and packaging, talked with vendors, picked items our company sold, worked with our R&D department, purchasing, finance… there were a lot of families in my workplace too so I could talk to other parents, ask questions, get advice, etc. Of coarse the entire time I worked I wanted to be home with my sweet baby, who knew staying home would be so hard? Not me!

So when I go to my dashboard and I check my stats, and they are high (for me at least) it makes for a pretty awesome day, if they are low, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. But I get over it and write about the next thing.



  1. I know how it is, I always get excited when I have high stats. Kids make great companions though, they may be challenging at times but in a way they help you learn. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, I don’t have kids of my own but I do love taking care of them.

  2. I hear ya. You do a great job on your blog! It seems that you do put thought into what you post and I’ll be sure to check back often!

  3. My husband Shawn works with your husband. Shawn’s always telling me to go to your blog and up until you added me on twitter, I didn’t know the web address. I now go here pretty much everyday if not several times a day. My son and I enjoy it a lot.

    • Excellent! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy it. We should get together for a play date some time, it sounded like our boys got along really well when Shawn watched them.

      • I agree, we should get together for a play date. I always feel bad because Ben doesn’t get a lot of play time with other kids around his age.

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