Posted by: Meagan | June 3, 2009

The Unexpected

I was doing a little computer work, I could hear my son, he wanted down from his highchair but I wanted him to finish eating. Then I hear his sippy cup fall the the floor, and I think I need to go in there. As I finish up my son walks into our office pouting. Apparently he shimmied his way to a standing position and then took the plunge. Thankfully not a scratch or bruise on him, but I’ll definitely have to strap him in next time, not just let the tray do the work.

Have you had an experience like this? I’d love to hear it!



  1. Lol…that’s the only way I’ve found out my children could do something. We’ve had lots of flops, dives, crashes, and bangs. Fortunately they’ve always been OK.
    I always worry when they’re being too quiet. I’ve walked into Ben covered with a bowl of melted chocolate and Christian painting with yogurt.

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