Posted by: Meagan | June 8, 2009

“Up” Movie Review


Although I thought the movie was well done with funny parts, talking dogs, funny bird, etc. I wouldn’t recommend Up to children under eight years old, it was really intense. The action and chase scenes coupled with the emotions of the characters had my palms sweating! It was really good, and I think it is a fun date movie, but not really for younger kids.

Up took me in a totally different direction than I thought it was going to go. To me it needed something else, maybe because I was expecting more comedy, I wish there was more “fun” time in the jungle. And I was very shocked at the end to the villain. I felt like this was much more of a grown-up’s movie than a kid’s movie. I also felt that almost every comedic scene or incident was in the trailer, in that area I was disappointed. But I did love the characters, and it definitely took me to a place I wasn’t expecting but still enjoyed. I loved the ending, to me the ending made the rest of the movie work together better. Overall, Up wasn’t my favorite Pixar movie, but I’m sure it will be in the movie library at our house at some point. Probably when our oldest is eight.



  1. Nice review! I share a lot of the same opinions that you do about Pixar’s latest. Up is definitely one of Pixar’s more mature films. Heck, it might actually edge out Ratatouille as the Pixar film that suits adults more than children. I always wondered the possibilities if the masterminds in Pixar were to make a film just for adults. Maybe one day.

    When I saw the film, there were two kids with their fathers sitting behind me and both of them stressed how scared they were during those very suspenseful and intense action sequences. Therefore, I agree that this film probably isn’t for kids under 8. That’s probably why Up was rated PG and not G.

    Anyway, great review! Pixar rocks!

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