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I am going to be upfront, I think that all adults should vaccinate their children. I believe that it is your responsibility as a caretaker to ensure that your children do not contract or spread diseases that are now under control and almost irradiated. And a reminder of why they are under control and almost irradiated (in the US) is because of vaccinations. Go to any third world country and you will find thousands and even millions of people, children included, that die from the measles, polio, etc.

My husband sent me an interesting article regarding vaccine refusal, what do you think? The Ethics of Vaccine Refusal



  1. Well, since you are not ashamed about trying to force other people to inject their children, can I ask you a question?

    Do you even know the ingredients of any of the vaccines you support?

    In case you just trust and think the vaccine corporations love you, let me explain.

    Vaccines are filled with toxic substances like formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, and genetically modified tissue from aborted human fetuses. Does that sound like something you want injected into your veins?

    These harmful chemicals cause an autoimmune response which leads to ailments like diabetes, autism, and seizures.

    But you’ll probably disregard this comment and continue to push the eugenics agenda. It’s fine for you to poison your children, just don’t try to force me to poison me or mine.

  2. Ok, I read the article and I read some of the comments and although I do agree that children should be vaccinated, I don’t think that those who don’t vaccinate are freeloaders. They’re not breaking the social contract (as stated in the article) anymore than parents who bring their sick kids to the mall playground or nursery which happens ALL THE TIME. My children constantly get colds from these places. I know that these are not necessarily life threatening (although they could be), but generally the parents who refuse vaccinations are smart enough to quarantine their children if they were to get sick. The fact that it is so hard to get registered for kindergarten without being vaccinated and that it is practically mandated by the government scares me. I don’t think the government has my family’s best interest in mind.

  3. Being a mother now and being responsible for an infant, I take this decision seriously. I didn’t just assume that we’d do it, and I didn’t just refuse. I researched and learned and we have decided to vaccinate. We pushed back her vaccinations a bit because she came early and some research shows that vaccinating 2 months after the due date (not actual birth date) can be important for the child’s health. I’m proud to make an informed decision. I know several people who have chosen not to vaccinate, and they don’t seem to be informed. They seem to have all these conspiratory theories. It would be different if they were informed and made a the decision based on factual reasons.

    P.S. You wrote “polo” instead of “polio”. Didn’t know there was a vaccine for the dangerous sport/casul shirt. 😛

  4. I meant *casual*. Now look who’s spelling things wrong!

  5. “Facts” change all the time. We used to think the earth was flat. Studies and research can be manipulated to show just about anything the researcher wants. Just because a parent believes in conspiracies doesn’t mean they’re not informed. I know families that have chosen not to vaccinate that are very informed and can explain their reasons very articulately. I don’t necessarily agree with them, but they do have factual reasons for not vaccinating.

  6. I think there are always possibilities of adverse reactions to immunizations, people are allergic to different things, but I don’t think that immunizations cause seizures and autism. There has been no noted study that has come to this conclusion. I did a lot of research before immunizing my son and I decided that the benefits outweigh the risks.

    • There have been lots of studies that show a correlation between vaccines and autoimmune diseases.

      Here’s a study published data by Dr. J.
      Barthelow Classen in The Open Endocrinology Journal about the hep b vaccine linked to diabetes

      Study links vaccines containing mercury with autism

      A Link Between Thimerosal Vaccines And Autism

      But I know you probably won’t look at the studies and if you do, you’ll still believe the vaccine companies love you.

      Not only are vaccines correlated to autoimmune responses they also increase the chance of you getting the disease you are being vaccinated for…

      Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

      But really. I’m lying to you. The TV is telling you the truth, even though they depend on advertising from vaccine manufacturers to survive.

      See, just believe the TV… Mercury is good for your brain, two studies show…

      Remember, mercury is good for your brain. Keep injecting your children with mercury for improved mental performance and behavior. The TV would never lie to you.

      • I believe that companies that produce vaccines are here to make money, but I don’t believe that big business, the government and the vast majority of the health profession are in cahoots to mentally and physically retard the children of the USA, and other countries. I don’t doubt that people have adverse reactions to vaccines, there are thousands and probably millions of people who are deathly allergic to peanuts. A food that is generally very healthy.
        I commend you for doing research, I have done research as well, and I think everyone should research this because it is important. However I don’t demoralize and demean you for your choices. I am doing what I think is best for my child. I don’t run out and get a flu shot every year, my son hasn’t gotten a flu shot because health professionals can only guess what the new strand will be each year. I don’t think it is right to go to the doctor for every illness or get every vaccine available.
        I don’t lump people who don’t vaccinate into a group of idiots. I think that most people who don’t vaccinate have good reasons, that doesn’t mean that I agree with them. And some of them do have good reasons. If my son had a severe allergic reaction from a vaccine I would consult my physician about other options. I don’t mindlessly believe anything that is told to me. I put this post up as a discussion tool, not as a war front.

  7. Oh, I do agree with Tammy that the article is extreme, but I do agree with a lot of the information, along with the “herd effect” analogy. I don’t think that people who don’t immunize should be sent to some island or a state of their own, but I do find that there are more and more people not immunizing and that worries me for my children, my grandparents and others who are more susceptible to disease.

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