Posted by: Meagan | June 18, 2009

Got the knack?

No I’m not talking about nick knacks, I’m talking about the knack, as in “the stuff.” My sister in law is a very good writer, she is clear in what she says and her personality totally shows through her writing. I think I’m an okay writer, but not great. I think this blog is helping me become a better writer, and to think through my thoughts more thoroughly. Haha, I had to write that down, it came to me and it is a fun alliteration and could even be a tongue-twister! Think through my thoughts more thoroughly. Say that 10 times fast! Okay I actually did it and it wasn’t that hard.

Back to the task at hand. She is a great blogger, and I have to say that I’m a little jealous! She recent got a counter on her blog and has had a lot of hits, granted I get a fair amount but my seem to flux, 100 one day and then 5 the next. Maybe this is normal for blogs; well blogs that have only existed for a few months at least. Who knows, maybe I should narrow my blogging. HOWEVER I’m not jealous enough to leave you out in the cold to where you can find her interesting and fun blog: Beat the Blah So check it out, and in the mean time I will continue to check my dashboard, and wait patiently (those 2.5 seconds) for my stats to pop up to see how many people have checked in today.



  1. Thank you, Meagan! You are very kind. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have started a blog if I hadn’t had your example! You motivated me to do it!
    It takes me a while to write my posts. I have a ton that are sitting in the edit stage until I can get them to say what I want. Writing is hard. Stephen King said it’s like a form of telepathy. I have to get what is in my mind down on paper and transfered to you. It’s a tough task that takes lots of revision. You are doing a great job!
    P.S. The counter that I’ve got posted on my page counts my hits, too. So that’s like half of them. I think it’s cheating. đŸ˜‰

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