Posted by: Meagan | June 26, 2009

Free Summer Activity

Reading List

I’m always up for a free summer activity for the little guy. Our local library does a reading program (as do most local libraries) where children read or listen to 16 books and when they turn in the sheet with the book titles then they get a free book of their choice along with coupons and freebies at local merchants. And they can continue reading for “extra credit” to get their name on a shooting star or a bug, whatever the theme for the summer is. The great thing is there is no age limits, babies can participate along with with 12 year olds. It’s a great opportunity to get some reading time in, and probably rotate to some new books. I know we often get stuck on the top 5 books in the pile. So mix it up and check out your local library! There are also reading groups for adults that you can look into for yourself. I’m planning on doing that as I try to read a book or two a month. Good luck and get started!




  1. Thanks for sharing! Yours is a little different than ours, we have to read 20 books! Actually, after we read 8 books and make 4 trips to the library, then we get a prize, then after 20 books, they get another prize. It’s really cool if your child gets excited about it, but it’s really a chore if they don’t.

  2. Half price books also has one that is if you read to them for 5 days in a week for at least 15 minutes (if your son is anything like mine, you’ll go well over that 15 minutes) then they give you a $3 gift card. The best part is, you can do it every 5 days. We are doing that one and the one from the library this summer.

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