Posted by: Meagan | June 29, 2009



Summer is the season to eat (and even grow) watermelon. My little guy loves this fruit and so do I. My husband says he’s allergic, which works out because I eat a LOT of it and it looks like my toddler will be taking after me in this department.

Although I know that the triangular pieces of watermelon (like the picture above) is a classic way to eat watermelon, I personally don’t prefer to eat it that way and it’s too messy for my 2 year old. So I chunk my watermelon up, all of it at the same time, and then keep it in a large Tupperware. This way we have easy access for a quick snack or side dish.

I also got a (really) late start on my garden and I have some watermelon starts that are doing really well. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you my own watermelon by the end of the summer, but who knows!

Get a watermelon, make sure you chill it, then slice it up for some summer family fun!



  1. Sounds delicious. Our lettuce grew great this year because of all the rain. We didn’t even have to plant any, or water it ever. It just grew because of all the rain and it’s great. I can’t wait til I can have a real garden…

  2. I love summer watermelon. My husband hates it and I can’t go through it fast enough so I don’t get it a lot. But I also agree that the best way to eat any melon is the cube it up and put it in tupperware for easy munching. I’ll need to get a watermelon for the Fourth.

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