Posted by: Meagan | June 30, 2009

Sleeping bags… decisions, decisions

We are going camping this summer and are trying to decide if we should get our 2 year old a sleeping bag. Now to be honest I wasn’t even considering getting him one until I found him laying on his bedroom floor inside a pillowcase and pretending to sleep. So maybe he is old enough to enjoy a sleeping bag. I am a little scared that he wouldn’t stay in one through the night but he is getting too big for the pack n’ play. Any suggestions?

Also, I’m considering getting the Cars sleeping bag from WalMart. It’s about $10, generally an inside sleeping bag but can be used outside. I remember having a Mini Mouse sleeping bag I’d take to slumber parties. Ahhh, memories. (Anyway!) The Cars sleeping bag has gotten some good reviews online, but I’m still not sure. Thoughts? Insights?

Cars Sleepingbag



  1. I don’t know anything about the Cars sleeping bag, but I’m sure it’s good. The sleeping bag is a great idea. My boys LOVE ours. We only have 2 and they’ve claimed them. We use them camping (obviously), but occasionally in the house for naps, pretend, they wear them as capes, climb in them like they were caves, all sorts of stuff. I think your boy would have a great time!

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