Posted by: Meagan | July 4, 2009

Car Travel


Is it better to cover long distances in a car by leaving early in the morning and driving until you are there? Leaving at night? Breaking it up into several days? Also, what do you do to entertain your children on long car rides? Coloring books… what else? Thoughts? Advice?

Picture courtesy of rainyday magazine



  1. You must be getting ready to come to IDAHO!!!

    I’ve never travelled with kids. So my advice is worthless. But I say leave early and drive hard!

    When I was a kid, on road trips with my siblilngs, if we were being rowdy, my dad would turn up the heat and put on a conference talk. Ten minutes later we would all be asleep. 🙂

  2. I LOVE Lara’s comment. Hilarious! I have found it works best to put together a bag of fun, whether it is new toys from the dollar store or toys that I have hidden for a month or two so that they are new. When the kids get restless, I pull out a new toy and it keeps them busy for quite a while. When I am packing I just go in their room and look for toys that are small and entertaining. Then I do the same at the dollar store.

    DVD players in the car work wonders as well!

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