Posted by: Meagan | July 6, 2009

Quiet Play

Ark Animals

Almost 4 years ago I found these booklets to make quiet file folders and used them for the Sunday School class my husband and I taught, now I use them with my toddler. He really likes matching things up and telling me what each animal or thing is. The boy my husband and I taught quickly learned to match the animals, so then to make it a little more challenging I made the names for each animal for him to match.


I am LDS and these are LDS File Folder activities, so everyone might not want to use them. But there are a lot of Bible activites in these books that can be used (such as Ark Animals, or Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, Bible Match, etc) and you could pick and choose what you do. There are more than matching, there are counting activities, telling time and more.

In the booklets there is usually 4 pages to copy out of it, I suggest using a heavy weight paper, then you can color each page, cut out the pieces.

In Progress

There are always 2 large sides for the inside of the folder, then the pieces that go with the inside are cut out separately. To make your folders last longer I suggest laminating them, including the extra little pieces. Then I found some round adhesive Velcro dots, or you can buy the Velcro strips and cut out squares and stick them to the laminated folder and the backs of the pieces.

How they stick

This makes for some fun quiet time for your child and yourself. Enjoy! You can find these booklets at any LDS book store. I believe I found the ones I have at Deseret Book. This link goes to Vol. 3, I have Volumes 1 & 2. There is also a 4th Volume. Good luck!


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