Posted by: Meagan | July 10, 2009

Parking Ticket Anyone?


I got a parking ticket! Can you believe that? To be honest I’m not exactly sure if I’m guilty or not… but I’m fighting it. My reasoning:

1. I picked a spot that already had time on the meter. (I did fail to check how much time was on the meter.)
2. I was in the library for about half an hour.
3. When I got to my car I found a ticket, yet my meter said it still had over a hour and a half on it!
4. There were several cars around mine that were expired with no tickets. AND I really doubt someone would have put money in my meter after I had gotten a ticket and not put money in the people around me who were expired or about to expire.

I tracked down a meter maid, apparently she wasn’t the one who gave me my ticket, so she gave me the supervisors name and number. The supervisor is out of town so I left a message. I know the ticket is only 2 dollars, but 2 dollars is 2 dollars people! I still think it is an ethical choice to fight it and not pay the $2 fine, what do you think? I seriously think the meter maid was confused at which car she was ticketing. There were 2 other white cars across from me that were expired without tickets. Any thoughts?



  1. Wow in that case I would definitely fight it! That sounds like a confused meter maid.

  2. The supervisor called me back and basically said that meter maids don’t get confused, that they have been doing this for years and wouldn’t get cars confused with each other end of story. 😦

  3. Bummer. It’s funny that when you feel wronged you’ll fight for little amounts of money. A lot of times I’ll frivolously spend a dollar without batting an eye, but one time when I took my parents to the I.F. airport, I got turned around coming out and accidentally ended up in the long-term parking. I drove through it – literally I was there for less than a minute. Short term is free if it’s less than 15 minutes. Anyway, they charged me $1. I was SO MAD! When you’re wronged, the amount doesn’t matter. It’s just a principle thing!

  4. LOL, I love your picture. You’re lucky…Tulsa is mean. Nate recently got a parking ticket for $25! Once in Utah, he got a parking ticket for $30. I would LOVE to only pay $2.

  5. It was a parking ticket for not feeding the meter. 🙂 Not quite the same as parking in a handicap spot or in an emergency zone! 😉 I thought it was crazy that she said that her people “don’t make mistakes.” Whatever. Nobody is perfect. Grr to that lady. She shouldn’t be supervisor.

  6. Ours were for not feeding the meter, too. One time, I KNOW the guy was waiting right there until it ran out because I knew my time was up so I was walking out to go and I saw him putting the ticket on my car. Seriously, it couldn’t have been expired for more than 30 seconds. I bet he even had it all written out and was just waiting for it to turn 0.
    I really hate the meters with 2 parking spaces on one meter. So you have to push the left or right arrow to get your space’s time. Maybe the meter readers don’t make mistakes (haha), but I have before and when no one is in the spot next to me but there’s 60 min of time on it and my meter is empty, give me a break and realize I put it on the wrong meter, jerk. (I’ve had more than a few run ins with UVSC’s metered parking)
    Good luck fighting it. I do understand that it’s the principle of the thing and the fact that they’re such jerks makes me want you to win more! Hopefully you can get it resolved.

  7. Maybe they watched you walk in and not pay so they left you a ticket without even checking to see if the meter had leftover time on it. That is annoying though. At least it’s only $2.

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