Posted by: Meagan | July 13, 2009

Traveling Countdown

Have you ever been really excited for a vacation? You put a countdown in your day timer/planner and then in shocked realization that you have less than a week to prepare! You have counted down, looked at the days, generally started laying out a plan, but then you realize practically all the prep work has to be done. Do ALL the laundry, clean the entire house, pack, plan food, plan activities, check out audio books from the library, enlist a small army to check in on the homestead, etc. You have been “brainstorming” about these thing for quite some time and think you’re prepared until you then calculate the time to have left to prepare and the time it will actually take to prepare and then your blood pressure goes up and you start stressing. That would be where I am. Yay. (that is a sarcastic “yay” for anyone who didn’t understand the joyousness of that “yay”) And for anyone who is wondering, it is like IMPOSSIBLE to check out the Harry Potter series on audio book during high traveling times, namely Christmas and summer. Sigh and look around my disastrously messy office. Better get to work.


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