Posted by: Meagan | July 15, 2009

The Internet is BORING

“The past few months the internet has become less-interesting” -My Husband (who is a web designer)

I had to laugh when he said that because, the internet is his job! But I also have to agree with him. I don’t spend hours roaming the internet like I used to. I don’t really care to navigate the blogosphere (ironic I know) and I’m just tired of it [the internet]. Of course there are a few blogs that I check daily, usually more than once a day because, I haven’t found anything else interesting to look at. Facebook is also losing it’s pull. I mainly get on to see what’s going on with friends, not really chatting to anyone or updating my status. It is kind of weird to me to be in this “cyber-rut” of sorts. I don’t really have the energy at this point to seek out new, fun information. My husband and are are super busy with work, church, my own blog, his blog, our kiddo, day to day life that we have lost that zeal to search out new, interesting sites/blogs. Is that weird? I don’t think we are alone in this. I hope we aren’t alone in this.



  1. I TOTALLY agree!

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