Posted by: Meagan | July 20, 2009

Traveling Activities

I have been asking around about what I should do to entertain my 2 year old on a long (19 hour) drive. I did 2 things which worked like a charm.

1. I decided to go with a wonderful suggestion of stopping by the dollar store and picking up a few toys, ones he doesn’t have and giving him them throughout the drive to entertain him. Well I have to say that that was an awesome idea. He especially loved the Mr. Potato Head I got him. It is just a mini one, but he played with it for quite a while, and then asked for it back again several times. So yes, a wonderful idea, and it took only 2 toys on our drive so I have 2 other activities for the drive home already!

2. I also have a wonderful friend who let us borrow her families’ DVD player. SO GREAT! It also took far less movie watching than I thought it would. I am glad that I had extras though.

I am interested to see if these tactics work on the way home. I guess we will find out. Have fun with your summer traveling!



  1. The toy idea is really smart. I’ll have to remember that.

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