Posted by: Meagan | July 27, 2009

Family Reunion

How often do you have family reunions? My side of the family doesn’t have reunions often… I only remember having 2 reunions in my life, but another one is in the planning stages. My husband’s family on his mother and father’s sides both have a reunion every other year. I have to say that I think that having a reunion every other year is awesome. I think it is so cool to see everyone and to be honest families (especially young families like ours) change a lot in 2 years. I believe I am more updated on my husband’s cousins than my own! I think that having reunions every other year is great. What do you think? Does your family have reunions and how often?



  1. My family doesn’t have family reunions very often. The last one we had was in Summer of 2005 that was planned by me because I had to do it for a class at BYU. It was fun, we got to catch up and all that. My cousin (a photographer) took a big picture with all of us, my grandparents in the middle wearing white shirts and their children with their families (each family wore a different color shirt) all around them. I’m so glad we had it because that Thanksgiving, my Grandpa died. This reunion was the last time I saw him, the last time we were all together, and the last family picture we have. I think if we had family reunions more often, people would start blowing them off and not come to all of them. I’m glad we hadn’t had one in a while (about 10 years) so that people really felt that flying, driving, and making expensive arrangements would be worth it. If everyone hadn’t been there, it wouldn’t have been as meaningful as it was.

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