Posted by: Meagan | August 1, 2009

Back from Vacation!

Isn’t vacation fun? We had a wonderful and fairly long vacation, and a very very long drive. And as happy as you may be to get to your own house when you open your front door aren’t you a little apprehensive of what you might smell? I mean, maybe you forgot to take a garbage out, or left fruit on the counter. What was the first thing we smelled when we walked in the door? The usual mustiness of our house, kind of a relief right? As we unpacked the car, and tidied up our son’s room my husband and I noticed an… unpleasant scent. Then it popped into my head. I hadn’t been able to find a sippy cup (FULL) of milk before we left. We soon found it in the little trunk of our son’s tricycle. It was… spoiled, more than 2 weeks in a warm house in a dark place… you get the picture. Well, after 2 attempts to save the cup, a good washing and boiling, my husband decided the smell wouldn’t come out and we had to toss the cup. I washed out the tricycle trunk, and it is airing out on the patio tonight. I hope it wont have to stay there! And as only a grandparent can, we got a phone call soon after getting home informing us that they had found our son’s baseball bat. Oh well. I guess it will be there next time we visit!


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