Posted by: Meagan | August 6, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Whoa hot flash! So how long do you wait to go to the doctor? I woke up Monday with a very sore throat, which has persisted and included more problems by today, Thursday. My ears are stuffy and hurt when I swallow, and I’ve had a very slight cough which hasn’t been productive until today. (I won’t go into all the icky details, I’ll just leave it at that.) I’ve also been having a lot of headaches. I don’t really feel like I’m getting better, and I’m starting to lose my voice.

So I’m at that awkward deciding point, do I call the doctor and try to get an appointment for tomorrow morning or wait it out over the weekend? I’ve tried gargling with salt water, taking it easy, cough drops, popsicles, orange juice, I’m always on a multivitamin and I take an anti-histamine daily.
Suggestions? Ideas?



  1. That’s always tricky. When to go? I always make sure to take vitamin c, drink OJ and take echinacea as well as regular drugs. Sleep is necessary, but it’s hard to come by when you’ve got a kid at home (I’ve learned this the hard way!).

    I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck!

  2. If you are coughing up stuff that is discolored (white, yellow, green, etc./anything except clear) you have an infection and need antibiotics. Especially since you are pregnant, you need to keep on top of that and get an appointment. Perhaps if you call your OB/GYN he/she will call in a prescription for you. (Tell them what color your sputum is.)

    Love you!

  3. (This may be no help at all…) 🙂

    I would call and make the apt. for tomorrow, you can always cancel it if you feel better. I hate when things like this happen on Th or Fri because you’ll have 2 or more days to wait if it’s something.

    But you might be getting better. Once the stuff starts coming out, your body is getting rid it.

    But, since your expecting, you might want to go. If it is something, you’ll need to know. If not, you’ll just feel silly for a while (I’ve done that a lot). But better to be safe than sorry.

    How’s the little guy? Is he sick?

  4. I just called the Doctor’s office. Apparently they have someone stay and answer phone calls while everyone is at lunch but you can’t actually leave a message unless it is an emergency. You think they would just have a machine tell you to call back in an hour. Weird.

    Thankfully the little guy doesn’t seem to be sick, but I’ve been trying to be careful and wash my hands a lot and not kiss him too much!

  5. Doctor’s have an answering service that answers there phones during lunch, after hours, and on week-ends and holidays. I’m glad you got in today. Are you on antibiotics? Always go to your OB/GYN when you are pregnant. Other doctors are nervous about giving you stuff while you are expecting–but the OB/GYNs will load you up. They do NOT want you to be sick. I hope you have told your doctor that you sometimes have some problems with asthma. VERY important information. (Can you tell this is your mother??!!!)

  6. I cannot believe I spelled “their” wrong! BAD!

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