Posted by: Meagan | August 14, 2009

Pregnancy Craving

With my first I seemed to crave a lot of chicken. Chicken fajitas, chicken fried chicken, grilled chicken… this baby it is beef and bacon. I was making burritos and the hamburger was cooking and I thought, “Wow that would be really good with bacon in it.” Last week I had 2 bacon cheese burgers from Wendys. I also asked for a side of BBQ sauce which I promptly dumped on the burger and ate with great satisfaction. Well after I finished making my bacon-less burritos I had the weirdest craving. I put pickles on my burritos. Now, don’t knock it till you try it people! It was really good. Any weird cravings from you mom’s out there? I know I’m not the only one!

Pickled Burrito



  1. I am so happy for you! I almost posted it on your facebook, but I didn’t know if you had announced it or not!! So exciting!

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