Posted by: Meagan | August 19, 2009

Oh How the Garden Grows!


For those of you who were expecting a huge garden full of corn, watermelon, zucchini, carrots, peas, etc let me just remind you this is my first gardening experience and I wanted to keep it small. (And my carrots and peas never came up.) So I tore out an overgrown flowerbed (as you can see) and planted my zucchini, watermelon and pumpkin starts. They are coming along quite nicely and thankfully I live in an area with a long growing season because they were planted in July! I was kind of losing hope that I would get any sort of fruit from my labor because well… it’s the middle-ish-end of August but LOOK!

a zucchini

That’s right, I have a good-sized zucchini growing! I think I should actually pick it. It’s the size of most zucchinis in the stores now. But I hate to pick it and not have anything in my garden! That’s silly I know, but that’s how I feel. There aren’t any more zucchinis growing on that plant, and as you can tell from my garden picture the watermelon and pumpkin and other zucchini plants are flowering, but no fruit as of yet. I do have to say that I feel awesome that I grew these plants and even better that I’ll have a zucchini to eat by the end of the week. I love to add zucchini in my shepard’s pie, so it looks like that’s what we’ll be having for dinner Sunday!



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