Posted by: Meagan | August 28, 2009

Favorite-ist Scrub Pads

There are SO many options for dish scrub pads, along with every other cleaning supply, and I have an absolute favorite. The SOS Tuffy Cleaning Pad. It is amazing! Tightly woven and made of nylon. So it is a champ at scrubbing off stuck on food but doesn’t scratch your cookware. And food chunks are easy to rise out of it to keep it clean.

Up Close

When we moved I couldn’t find them anywhere. Thankfully I had brought along a few that we had stored, then we went back to visit my husband’s parents and I brought home 8 or so. They lasted over a year and when we went back to visit I completely forgot to buy more. Once again I searched the different stores in my area, wishing, hoping I would find them to no avail. I whined and hated doing the dishes (even more than I do normally) and my husband surprised me by finding them and buying an entire box for me to have. They will last us about 3 years.

Loads in a box

I was, once again amazed at how well they worked compared to the intermediate scrubber I had bought. I wish I had kept it to take a picture, but I threw it away immediately after these came in the mail. A pan my husband had burned eggs in and I couldn’t get clean for over a week was on the counter, in 5 seconds flat I had gotten the burned egg off the pan with this scrubby. Ahhh, it so nice to have products that work like they are supposed to.

The thing that worries me though is that they were really hard for my husband to find! I’m trying to decide if I should buy a ton of boxes to (hopefully) last through my life! (But I’m not too worried because it is listed as a “Top Seller”) I know you might think, “Meagan, they aren’t that wonderful.” And I tell you yes, they really are. And since they are so hard to find I will give you the link to look at them. SOS Tuffy Nylon Scouring Pads It is $25 for a box of 24, and who can beat that price really? Just over a buck per scrubber? The lame scrubber I bought was $5!! I couldn’t believe it and it was so useless. was one of two sites my husband found these scrubbers on, so feel free to browse, and if you like to stock up on items, they have great prices on bulk.



  1. Meagan. You are the best! Thank you for being my straight-laced friend 😉

    And by the way, my main grocery store here in Provo carries these. LIFESAVER! If you haven’t tried them, give in to Meagan’s persuasion and give them a shot, you’ll never spend time scrubbing a dirty dish again.

  2. Oh Jessica you are the best. And I’m so glad that you like me and you use these scrubbies! In fact I pleaded for you to buy a bunch of them for me last year didn’t I? Ahhh friendship. Thanks for being so awesome (and understanding my quirks)!

  3. I have a box of Tuffys and I expect them to last a lifetime. If you want the Tuffy to really last, here’s how. I take some thin plastic coated wire (the wire I have just happened to be the same red color of the red/yellow scrubber) and thread it through where the string is threaded. tie the wire ends together and force the loose ends down into the middle. The coated wire doesn’t scratch and it should keep the Tuffy together for over a year. On my latest Tuffy I also wire threaded the inside ends. I expect this one to last indefinitely. Good luck.

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