Posted by: Meagan | September 3, 2009

Vacuum Tips

Everyone wants to extend the life of their vacuum, but how?

-If your vacuum has a filter you should check it, and clean it after every other vacuuming. Or if you have a large house or vacuum infrequently you should check it after each use.

-Check your vacuum bag frequently. That doesn’t mean you have to change it each time, but check it frequently. If you unknowingly have a full vacuum bag it causes a lot of stress on the vacuum’s mechanics. A full vacuum bag means that your vacuum has to work much harder to pick up dirt to deposit it in the bag, which means you are much more likely to burn out a belt or worse.

-Clean out the beater bar. How often you have to do this depends on how many people have long hair in the household. Long hair is much more likely to get wrapped around the beater bar than shorter hair. I haven’t cleaned mine in quite a while and this is what it looked like:

Large View

And the close up:

Dirty Beater Bar

Yuck! If you haven’t cleaned your beater bar in a while… do it! And you may need a pair of scissors like I did! It will increase the ability of the beater bar to pick up dirt and debris.


If you wait for a while like I did it really takes some muscle and patience to get it out. I’d actually recommend cleaning out your beater bar after each use. This way you have a more efficient clean and it makes it much easier to keep clean, and your vacuum will love you.

Clean Beater Bar

And for those of you who think… why is Meagan giving out “recommend”-ations? I am a trained professional cleaner, and have had quite a bit of experience with vacuums and caring/cleaning them along with other house-cleaning experience. So good luck and happy cleaning!



  1. That is a lot of your hair in that beater bar. Kinda gross. 🙂

  2. You should see the beater bars we get from houses with women AND animals… sick-o! 😉

  3. Yes, I noticed too that the hair was blond. . .but it just isn’t as gross when you know where the hair came from. If it was dark, black hair, that would be really gross! Dog hair wouldn’t be too bad if it was from your dog, and you keep the dog clean. But thanks for the tips Meagan. Your beater bar looks heavy duty! By the way, did you ever find out about the cannister vacuum?

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