Posted by: Meagan | September 9, 2009

Bean Bag Toss

Saturday my husband learned from a friend that our local Home Depot has free kid’s activity the first and third Saturdays of the month. He hurried over, and thinking it ended at 1pm instead of noon got there just as it was ending. Fortunately the Home Depot people were nice enough to give our son a workshop apron and the project of the day. Today I decided I would tackle the project, a bean bag toss.

Workshop Apron

Beanbag Toss Kit

We started this project on the back porch (you need a hard surface to hammer on) but it started raining so we moved it to the kitchen floor.

What you Need

You need wood glue and a hammer. Also it is nice to have sand paper in case your wood is rough. Also, you can paint it at the end to match whatever sport or action hero your kid loves currently.


Thankfully it comes with instructions and the nails you need.




Bean Bag Holder

A little note to anyone who is new to wood projects: let the wood glue dry before you nail it down. I wasn’t patient enough to wait and paid for it. To be honest, being rather novice with wood glue/hammering projects I would completely skip the bean bag holder shelf on the bottom because 1- it barely fits the two bean bags, and 2- if you miscalculate on placing it at all it messes up the alignment of your side piece and it can end up looking like this:

Not Perfect

Which makes someone like me tick a little when I look at it. I’m sure my husband, who is more of a perfectionist than I am, will fix that when he gets home. Plus our 2 year old doesn’t get the concept of a shelf without the back so he just pushes the bean bags through. I do think this is a fun project, but next time we’ll definitely show up at the workshop in time to do it there instead of figuring it out at home! But our son loves his toss, even though it isn’t painted or sanded. If you would like to learn more about kid’s workshops in your area check out Home Depot’s link here.


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