Posted by: Meagan | September 11, 2009

Bugs in my Shoe

Caterpiller on my Sandel

When I was in elementary school I remember getting ready for school one day, and as I was pulling on my gym shoes I felt something amiss. I pulled my foot out of my shoe and turned it over and out fell a dead cricket. Gross! Ever since then I’ve been worried about bugs in my shoes. Now that we live in the Midwest, I am constantly scared that anything I pull out of a slightly crowded, dark place will have spiders on it. Did you know that there is an insane amount of spiders in the Midwest? There is, and I’ll tell you why. There are zillions of insects here. If I’m not catching and releasing beetles, it’s lady bugs, and if not lady bugs than moths and if not moths than crickets. There are grasshoppers climbing our windows and fireflies, occasionally lighting my hallway at night. My two year old loves it. “Bugs! Bugs! Buzzzzzzz!” And he’s not very happy when I don’t let him touch them.

What is it about bugs that scares us and captures our interest? All the legs, eyes and an exoskeleton? I don’t know. For me it’s just remembering the yucky, crunchy squish of a little cricket.




  1. We found a caterpillar yesterday and my kids were so entertained. They watched it crawl around for at least half an hour before I put it up in the tree so they wouldn’t accidentaly squish it. We have far fewer bugs out here, so seeing that catarpillar was pretty rare I think.

  2. Yes, bugs everywhere. I am the same as you, anytime I move something or get something out of a corner or dark area, I’m prepared for some kind of bug. And I check my shoes EVERYTIME I put them on. When we were first married, Nate thought I was crazy for shaking out my shoes all the time, but one time he found a spider in his shoe so I was vindicated.
    They boys have caught everything, one time they got a monarch caterpillar that we put in a jar and it turned into a butterfly in our living room. We did let it go, but that was amazing to see. They’ve caught snakes, frogs, toads (I know they’re not bugs, but there’s tons of them, too), all kinds of spiders, crickets, ladybugs, fireflies, blah blah blah. We have some kind of bees here that fly around and make their hives under ground. So they’ll be flying, land on the ground and go under the dirt. Really creepy. One time we saw a HUGE bee bug carry another HUGE bug that it had killed, and carried it under the ground. A friend said it probably had babies under there and was feeding them, so I made Nate take the hose and put it in the hole, then pack dirt on the top of it.
    I hate bugs!

  3. I have a friend who had a spider in her shoe and ended up with several nasty bites before she knew what was going on. Now she bangs her shoes and turns them upside down before putting them on – every time – because of this. Cracks me up. I guess it’s founded. I’ve yet to find a bug of any kind in my shoe.

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