Posted by: Meagan | September 14, 2009

Checking the Dash

So I get up this morning and realize that… it’s not the weekend anymore so I go to my computer, check e-mail, etc and then head to my blog dashboard hoping that there is something in the drafts because I’m not feeling witty or crafty this morning. The dashboard loads and to my angst, no drafts. I think to myself, “Meagan why are you such a slacker?” Then I answer myself, “I don’t know.” Then I realize that I am very very tired and I had a crazy dream about going on a cruise in Western Kansas and 4 tornadoes touched down. Weird. Could this be a crazy pregnancy dream I’ve read about and if so what does it mean? Right now I don’t really care because all I want to do is:

Wish I was



  1. Oh boy, I’ve been having the craziest dreams lately and I’m not even pregnant. I’ll have to email you what I dreamed the other night as it’s not really appropriate to post for the whole world to see, but suffice it to say my breastfeeding dreams almost top my pregnancy dreams for craziness.

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