Posted by: Meagan | September 28, 2009

Ditching the Pacifier

We did it! The pacifier is gone! Our not quite-2 1/2-year old is now pacifier-less. If feels pretty good overall. Sure there are times I wish I had that plug to quite him down or get him to sleep a little longer. But that will come.

So here is the real question of the day. When/how did you rid your child/children of the pacifier? We got to a point where we decided we wouldn’t buy any more and from then on when one ripped or broke our son got to throw it away. I’ve heard of people taking pacifiers to a friend’s new baby, because “babies need pacifiers but big kids don’t.” Or tying the pacifier to a balloon, or as our insurance agent said he just threw it out of the window on a car trip one time; his child was five!!… I think it was about time. What did you do?



  1. So far none of my kids have taken pacifiers. Partly due to me, I don’t really like them. But my baby is becoming quite the thumb sucker. It’s nice now, but I guess we’ll have to figure out how to deal with it when it becomes annoying.

  2. We only allow Austyn to have her ‘paci’ when she is sleeping, so either nap time or bedtime, and in the car…otherwise no paci! We are trying to work towards taking it away from her during car rides, but that has been an adventure. After we have mastered that feat we are moving into nap times and so on. We are hoping to have the paci gone before we start potty training, which she can say potty, but still doesnt understand the meaning…just another thing to tackle down the road.

    • Okay, I did some searching and think I have found a reasonable approach to getting rid of the pacie. is a free web-site that gives a psychological approach to ditching the pacie. It is a week long process and I think we might give it a shot…here is hoping that we can stand strong and make this as easy as 1, 2, 3.

      Meagan, I will keep you posted with daily logs of how it is going.


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