Posted by: Meagan | October 14, 2009

Cocomotion Love


I thought since the weather is cooling down and I pulled out our Cocomotion that I should do a product review on it. It’s a wonderful machine that I don’t think nearly enough people know about! If you couldn’t tell from the name (or picture) it’s a hot chocolate, or coco, maker. YUM! All you do is pour in your milk or water – whichever you prefer – dump in the coco mix and push the start button. Within minutes you have seamy, rich, hot chocolate!

I have to tell you when my husband told me about the Cocomotion and how he was going to be really mad if we didn’t get one from a friend of his when we got married I thought he was a little off his rocker. But thankfully Derik and Morgan came through and got us a Cocomotion and we have LOVED it! The spinner that mixes the milk and coco together is magnetic, so it doesn’t fall out. The spinner is also easy to clean, and the fact that it’s magnetic helps reduce the number of parts you have to clean. Nothing to unscrew and then curse at because you have to clean the little rivets and grooves. You just wash the spinner and the inside where the hot chocolate is made, you don’t have to disassemble or worry about losing parts. Obviously you can’t submerge this in water (since it plugs into the wall), but you don’t need to, a quick wash after use keeps it nice and clean. It also has an automatic shut-off so you don’t have to worry about burning or boiling your hot chocolate.

You can make one cup of hot chocolate to up to four at once, so it’s great for single people as well as families. I think this makes for a great holiday gift. It’s a perfect fit for anyone (or family) who likes hot chocolate. If you’d like to check out a Cocomotion click here for Amazon pricing, click here for Walmart pricing.



  1. YUM!!! Too bad it’s like 85 in Vegas right now, but that is so fun!

  2. I just pulled mine out, too! It’s definitely hot chocolate weather here in Kansas.

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