Posted by: Meagan | October 21, 2009

Leaf Collage


This is an activity that we did last year but that we haven’t had time to do yet this year although I plan on doing it soon. It is easy to do but I think that the kids need to be a little older or mature to do this activity because it involves a lot of glue!

What you Need:

Mod Pod (or any white glue will work)
Paint brush or Sponge brush
Paper (If your children are older feel free to get an illustration for them to collage within, like a turkey or pumpkin or something like that)


1. “Paint” glue onto paper, covering the entire sheet.


2. Place leaves on sticky paper.


Note: If you are planning on truly doing a collage then you’ll need to repaint the top of each leaf with glue so the leaves on top will stick.

*Also, if you are going to do a collage and have to pick up leaves ahead of time, putting them in a book in the meantime really helps keep them flat and keep them from getting too brittle.

3. Let dry. Depending on how much glue (and leaves) are on the paper it can take a while to dry.



  1. Such cute crafts, Meagan! Love Frankenstein. Perfect ideas for things to do with Taylor when he’s still home in the mornings!
    Hey, I added a link to your blog. If you’d like me to, I can do a blog post with those yummy spice cookies you brought over and do a whole link to your blog on a post of mine. Email me the recipe–if you’d like. I’d have never of guessed they were from a cake mix and they taste great! kevnkoi at hotmail dot com

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