Posted by: Meagan | October 30, 2009

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie

I saw the Betty Crocker Cookie mixes at the store a long time ago and bought (and loved) the chocolate chip cookie mix. I thought I would try the sugar cookie mix this go around and make some pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

I have to say that it was really hard to knead the butter and egg into the mix, but with a little patience I prevailed!


I think that this mix is more ideal for rolling balls of cookies rather than rolling it out because it ends up pretty sticky. If you do roll it out you need to be generous with the flour.


I used my pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter since Halloween is around the corner.


I did have to use a spatula to help get the cookies off the table because they were so sticky.


I would suggest giving them more room than I did because they do get quite a bit bigger while cooking.

Place on cooling rack.


Frost and decorate when cool.


I ate a frosted and un-frosted cookie, and the un-frosted left something to be desired, ie. sugar. I think these are pretty good cookies but they definitely need frosting. Like I mentioned before I have make the chocolate chip cookies in the pre-mixed package and loved them. But then again I’m not really much of a sugar cookie fan myself… mmmm chocolate.


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