Posted by: Meagan | November 3, 2009

“Love Comes Softly” by Janette Oke

Love Comes Softly

A friend of mine introduced me to this book and I really enjoyed it. It is a Christian book series so there is a lot of talk about faith and God of a family and community of frontier people. I really enjoyed this book and continued to read (and enjoy) the entire series. There was also a Hallmark series done on these books. I’ve only seen the first one, it was nothing like the book. I thought the book was much better. Below is the overview on the book from Amazon. I hope you enjoy and check it out. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my 2010 Planner Giveaway this week!

Love Comes Softly introduced the characters of Marty and Clark Davis, whose tragic circumstances brought them to a “marriage of convenience” on the frontier prairies during the mid 1800s. The story of how Clark’s patient, caring love mirrored that of the heavenly Father, drawing Marty to faith and to love, has captured the hearts and imaginations of over one million readers on Book One alone!



  1. I have read this series a long time ago and loved it. I also have all of the movies but one. However the films are nothing like the books as the story line is changed.
    I really recommend this series!!!

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