Posted by: Meagan | November 12, 2009

“T” is for Turkey

T is for Turkey

Since Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away I thought we’d feature turkeys! Originally I was planning on the page being full of turkeys but my 2 year old had another idea. He was done tracing turkeys after the first one. 🙂 Here is the step by step of your “T” is for Turkey Alphabet Page.

1. Draw the letter T.

Draw T

2. Trace as many turkey hands as you can get on another piece of construction paper.

Trace Hand

3. Draw Turkey face, don’t forget the gobbler!

Draw Face

4. Color turkeys. My son is still more into scribbling than coloring so I did most of the coloring of the turkey but he chose several of the tail feather colors.

Color Turkey

5. Cut out letter T.

Cut Out T

6. Glue or tape letter T on your turkey page!

T is for Turkey


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