Posted by: Meagan | November 16, 2009

Hand Turkey

Hand Turkey

My little boy loves drawing turkeys with his hands so I decided we’d make them really look like turkeys… well kind of. I still don’t know of any multi-colored turkeys but that’s okay!

What you need:
Construction Paper
Hands 🙂

1. Choose what color you want your turkey feathers to be.

Choose Paper

2. Trace hands on construction paper.

Trace Hands

3. Cut out hands and layer on top of each other with glue in between each layer.


4. Cut out an “8” shape of whatever color you want your turkey’s body to be.


5. Glue to turkey feathers.


6. Cut corner off orange or yellow paper for a beak and a heart shape out of red paper for a waddle.


7. Glue beak and waddle, draw eyes with black crayon.

Glue and Draw

8. Cut out legs and color (optional).


9. Let dry!

Dry and Play!


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