Posted by: Meagan | November 19, 2009

Reindeer Ornaments


Okay, just for the record I’m not trying to give you holiday confusion with Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all mixed together, but if you wanted to make these ornaments I thought it best to share them before Christmas trees were put up and if you are like me, the day after Thanksgiving the tree will go up and that leaves zero time for my ornament posts… now, on with the post:

I remember growing up we had candy cane reindeer ornaments on our Christmas tree. This year we were looking to save some money and so I decided to make our ornaments and among them I HAD to include the reindeer!

Reindeer Supplies

What you need:
Candy Canes
Pipe Cleaner
Pom Pom Balls for noses
Googly Eyes
Ribbon (optional)
Bells (optional)
Hot Glue Gun

I did some more traditional reindeer with the peppermint candy canes.

Traditional Reindeer

And I also did some fun, wacky reindeer with cherry candy canes.

Non-traditional Reindeer

My main reason for doing this was that I couldn’t find an all-red set of pom poms. I think as Christmas gets closer you’ll be able to find them. I also only made one Rudolf, so there is only one traditional reindeer with a red nose, the rest have different colored noses. So I thought I’d go all out and have multi-colored, fun reindeer.

How to make Reindeer:

1. Get your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top of the candy cane twice, then twist the top to secure it. Shape into antlers.

Wrap Around top


2. Glue on eyes.


3. Glue on nose.


At this point you can call it good and hang these cute guys on your tree. I decided it would be fun to hang them and have them look like they were flying. So the rest of these steps are optional.

4. Cut a fairly long piece of ribbon (be sure to cut the end at an angle) thread on a bell.

Tread Bell

5. Pull bell to the middle of the ribbon and wrap around the reindeer’s neck twice then knot.

Pull to the Middle

Tie around deer

6. Knot the end of the ribbon. Be sure to leave enough room that you can hang the reindeer on your tree!

Knot End

You’re done! Doing the ribbon and bells does get time consuming. I ended up doing bells on half the reindeer and just ribbon on the rest. Feel free to even out antlers or curl them at this point. I also did two cyclops reindeer with funny antlers. Have fun!

Herd of Reindeer

More Reindeer



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