Posted by: Meagan | November 20, 2009

Product Review: Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies

I have to say I was impressed overall with the cookies… in fact they turned me into a cookie-monster and I ate EIGHT cookies and then got a stomach ache! But it was worth it! These cookies were really yummy and so easy to make you’ll probably see them on some holiday cookie plates coming from my house this Christmas! So this is a definite yes on the recommendation.

I’ve listed out the pros and cons of the cookies and then you can see some pictures of the product.

-EASY to find and follow directions.
-You can freeze the dough and use later.
-It only takes about an hour to thaw frozen dough.
-Taste great.
-Fast, fast, fast!

-The chocolate chunks/chips don’t seem to be evenly distributed as it cooks. (I ended up liking this because I’d get a bite or two with a few chocolate chips and then one big bite with tons -YUM!)
-The cookies are kind of small (put perhaps that’s the way the sizing SHOULD be and the reason I never get the two dozen my recipes usually say they make!)

*Don’t forget that after you take the cookies out of the oven you let the cookies sit on the cooking sheet for 2-5 minutes because they are very soft and fall apart. It says this on the directions but… if you’re like me you skim directions rather than read them! Happy eating!


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