Posted by: Meagan | November 27, 2009

My First Turkey Adventure

Well as you all know this was my first Thanksgiving in charge of the turkey, it was big, and daunting and I took it out of the freezer 3 days too late. But it was in the fridge for 3 days so we had to thaw half the turkey.

Wednesday night I put the turkey in cool water, for 2 hours; changing the water several times. It felt quite thawed and I was really tired because I knew we’d be up at 4am getting it in the oven. So I put it back in the fridge and at 4am my wonderful husband got up with me because I didn’t think I could mess with turkey insides because of my pregnant status. I was right.

After about half an hour of thawing the inside of the turkey with more water submersion and after my husband pulled out the neck, etc I lost it. I was starving and the only thing I could smell was turkey blood and raw meat… yuck. I went running for the bathroom while my husband finished the turkey preparations. The turkey got in the over about 10 to 5am when all was said and done and was done in plenty of time for our appointed party/food time at our friend’s house. Yay! Glad it’s over and the turkey was really yummy. I am thankful for pop-up timers!



  1. looks yummy!


  2. It looks like you did an awesome job! Good first try. You are a pro already!

  3. Ah, the sweet taste of success! I was wondering how it turned out. Thanks for the update.

  4. […] was the first time we were in charge of the turkey! Dum-duh-dum-dum-dummmmm! You can read about our first turkey-bake here. But here is a picture of how it came out… nice a brown, it turned out really yummy. I also […]

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