Posted by: Meagan | December 2, 2009

Hiding Presents

Now to be honest I haven’t been a mother long… in the way that some people are. This is my third Christmas as a mother so it hasn’t been hard to hide Christmas presents but it has me worried for the future; where will I hide Christmas presents? Currently my husband’s and child’s presents are in our office closet, which is truly the only place I can think of right now, except our garage mounded with boxes from our move. And I would be tempted to hide gifts out there if I wasn’t pregnant and waddling around.

I have no idea where my dad hid our presents, I think maybe at his office at work. My husband and his brothers were angels, and I mean it. I didn’t know people like them existed. Their parents told them where the presents were and asked them not to look. Did they look? No. Angels… In his family if you even picked up your present it went back to the store. I love to shake my presents; one of the hardest things about our marriage at first was that I couldn’t touch my presents. I did a lot of pouting. In fact the first time I shook a present my husband’s eyes got as big a frying pans and he was completely shocked. That’s when I learned the no touching, no shaking rule; it was a sad day.

So I am interested. Where do you hid your Christmas gifts and what are your rules? Shaking is okay? Open them with a butter knife so the paper isn’t damaged? No touching?



  1. I bought a few Christmas colored totes and put all the presents in them and put the totes in my storage room. My kids who are 9, 7, and 8 months have no clue. If they do find presents before I get them in the totes I return them. I also wrap presents early, so if they are found they don’t know what they are.

  2. Okay Meagan, I can totally remember us trying to figure out what we were getting for Christmas when we were younger, glad to see we haven’t grown up in the department. I’ve learned to hide my presents at my mom’s house or my brothers! I could put them in the spare bedroom, but still risky. Also, something mom use to do when we were little was create a secret list, all the presents were labeled with different character names, Linus, Lucy, Rudolph, Dasher, etc. and she kept the secret list on her at ALL times, so we could shake all we wanted, but never knew what gift went to who until the day of! I remember it being horrible. This year I am putting pictures on each present of who it belongs too, this way Austyn can begin learning who the gifts are for and with any luck help pass them out! Anyway, keep shaking those presents and happy hiding!

  3. Haha! I remember your mom color-coding presents, does she still have to do that? 🙂 I remember my brothers.. *cough* Quentin *cough* used to open gifts with a knife and then re-wrap them. We searched the house looking for presents… never found our “Santa-Claus” gifts.

  4. Oh my gosh, Meagan, I feel so sorry that you can no longer shake gifts. I say do it while he’s at work! 😉
    We definitely got to shake ours and I don’t care if the boys do now. My parents had a closet that they could lock, so when it was locked, we knew there were things in there we couldn’t see. I just hide things now in our (MESSY) closet and in the storage room. The boys have no idea.
    Shake it, Baby, Shake it!

  5. I’m a professional gift finder. It’s true. I was naughty and either found my mom’s christmas gift list or the actual gift, every year…and usually my birthday presents too. So this year, when my birthday rolled around, my hubby, the brilliant man that he is, hid them at his office…so as hard as I looked, I couldn’t find them. But…since the only gifts that can’t be hidden at Ben’s office are Ben’s gifts…just ask him not to look 😉

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