Posted by: Meagan | December 10, 2009

My Rant

Recently I’ve entered the irritable/big/emotional/hungry-all-the-time stage of pregnancy. I didn’t post yesterday because it snowed here and I wanted to get my grocery shopping done early so I didn’t have to wait in line long and get it all done before people who don’t know how to drive in the snow were out. Well I thought I had it planned out… little did I know I would hit EVERY red light on the way there and home. The same thing happened when I went later to pick up some pictures… the board I painted and was hoping to finish yesterday ended up being way too big so I have to wait until my husband can cut it down then I’ll repaint and we’ll see if it makes it up on the wall before Christmas! My huge stomach hurts a lot, my ligaments are loose and painful, my 2 year old’s new favorite phrases: “I can’t” “Put me DOWN!” and “I don’t want to!” “Mine!” *Sigh* As I was just typing I heard paper rustling… yes he was in my purse, ripping receipts. Have I mentioned here yet that he’s been ripping up his books so we had to take them all out of his room? The woes of a toddler’s new found freedom… aka: toddler bed! And I was wondering where are all those little people to come and fix things and finishing things for you in your sleep. Surely those weren’t just fairy tales! Uggg. I’m so tired, and huge, and in desperate need of a pedicure because I can barely reach my toes and then only for short periods of time. There’s nothing worse than ugly feet and no way to cute-ify them. I guess I’ll end my rant because my son wants to sit in my “pwap” (lap). Good luck to all you moms out there and all you women who don’t have kids yet, just know there are days that are the complete opposite of this, when your child says their own prayers, and people rave about how good he was at their house, and your kiddo always says please and thank you and goes right down for a nap. Yesterday just wasn’t that day for me. Hopefully today will be better.



  1. Don’t feel bad at all. I think as a mom, you’re entitled to feel this way some days. Ben had a rough day yesterday also, and I found myself quite angry a good chunk of the day/evening at everything. Hope you have a better day today.

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