Posted by: Meagan | December 11, 2009

Need a New Do… as in Hair

I need a new hairdo. So I’ve been looking up pictures and have a few to choose from and I need your honest opinions! I have blond hair, that’s turning more and more red – eek! (No offense to all you red-heads I’ve just been a super blondie my whole life.) My hair is also very fine and is kind of anti-volume without a lot of help. The deciding factor on a new haircut was my wonderful husband. He basically said I need a new cut… he said it in a nice way. 🙂

So this is what my hair looks like now, I know it’s actually a belly-shot but I didn’t feel like taking a billion pictures of my face and ug-hair for you. But currently it’s one length with bangs… plain I know. Just keep in mind I’m having a baby next month so I need easy to do hair that I can still pull up. Also my hair can have a little curl if the stars align just right but generally it’s quite straight.

Option 1:
Who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon? I love her hair in this picture. I’d have to do a slightly shorter version of this do because my hair isn’t quite as long as hers. And I probably need some layers to get some volume.

Option 2:
Okay so I have no idea who Ginnifer Goodwin is, but I thought this was a fun cut.

Option 3:
And I’ve seen Taraji Henson before but I don’t remember what show or movie. I love this haircut though, way cute. But I’d probably do a slightly longer version of this so I could still pull my hair back.

So those are the options that I found and liked, if you find one you think would suit my toddler/baby life and still be cute then be sure and let me know! And be sure and leave your opinion in the comments because I’m hoping for a haircut next week! Thanks!

Pictures courtesy of Hollywood Celebrities HairStyles



  1. I like them all. I don’t think your current hairstyle looks bad at all but I understand something new. I definitely think throwing some layers in your hair would make all the difference to you. They’ll add volume and shape.

  2. Should I stay a medium length or cut a couple inches off?

  3. Hmmm… It probably wouldn’t hurt to cut off a few inches. I’d just be careful that you don’t take too much off so you can still put it up easily and quickly. We all know how babies love to pull hair.

  4. I say chop it all off! Just kidding. I don’t really have any advice. My favorite do you posted was that last one. I thought that was way cute, but might take a lot of work for you to pull off since your hair probably isn’t as thick as hers. I also like the Reece Witherspoon one, but it’s not much different from what you already have? I don’t know. You know me, not much of a hair expert. I haven’t gotten my haircut in almost a year now and I’m aching for a change too. I’m excited to see what you do with yours!

  5. My personal fave is to lose the bangs! They only mean work, you can grow them out and pull them back when they finally get long enough, they are just a hassle to me. Im growing mine out right now. I always thought you looked great with a medium length and layers, you can’t go wrong, drag a straight iron through them to get a whispy look or you can take a larger curling iron to it and give it some bounce. Something to think about, getting those BIG velco curlers and after drying your hair toss a couple at the top of your crown and give it an little extra blow dry and leave it in till it cools, kids think it’s so funny and it give it a bit of a boost on the top for a more “finished” look. But just like everyone else I’m learning the best mom hair as well, that is just what works for me.

  6. I love the Reese look – who doesn’t? – but I think your hair style is already similar enough that maybe you’d want something different. So I vote for option 3. But a bit longer. Like collar bone length so you can still pull it up.

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