Posted by: Meagan | December 15, 2009

Remembrance Ornaments

I’m calling these “Remembrance Ornaments” because they show what level/age your child is at for their creation and because it’s fun to see how your kid has changed over the years and how ornaments have improved. 🙂 You can also add as many elements as your child wants. My son had a friend over today and he was excited to do a craft with us. He was much more patient and clean than my son!!

*Oh, and don’t forget to put your child’s name and the year on the back of the ornaments!

Before our friend arrived I prepped the table. Our local newspaper also prints the paper in town. After running the newspaper they have rolls of newspaper paper left over that they recycle. My husband grabbed me a roll and we put it on the table whenever we’re going to paint. I also used painter’s tape to secure the paper.

Materials I used:
Scrapbook paper (or any heavy-weight paper)
Hot Glue
Glitter Glue

*I used what I already had on hand. Feel free to do a lot or do something simple.

First the boys got painting aprons on and rolled up their sleeves then they got painting.

First Ornament:
We did hand prints in paint on red scrapbook paper. Then the boys wanted to use glitter glue. I put the sticks on before they used the glitter glue. My son’s friend was much better at taking directions to try to get glitter on the sticks.

Second Ornament:
They painted on red scrapbook paper again, used glitter glue, and then we used felt instead of sticks for a wreath boarder. Our friend wanted to put bells on his (sorry I forgot to take a picture) and on my son’s (he was finished with the craft by then) I just put red glitter glue on the wreath like berries.

Third Ornament:
Our friend just wanted to keep painting and painting which was great! So I gave him yellow paper, he wanted to use red paint. So he painted it red and then he wanted to put glitter on it. Gold and red. I originally thought this would be a star because the paper was yellow but then decided to make a traditional ornament shaped ornament! I even cut a rectangle out of some of the extra paper to make it look more like a ball ornament.

Heritage Ornament:

Two years ago my husband and our son took four generation pictures with his dad and grandpa and last year I made an ornament for my husband’s grandparents using those pictures. Well I forgot to mail it and dug it out with our Christmas stuff. My son pulled the ribbon out so I had to do some quick repairs on it but it’ll make it into the package for sure this year. This is a two-sided ornament.



  1. those are all so cute. I love the idea of the popsicle stick border. We are going to make some ornaments tomorrow with sparkly foam paper. Thanks for the great ideas! I think I”ll try the hand print/popsicle stick border one.

  2. So I’m a bit behind on reading blogs! That visitor is a doll! 😉
    You are a rockin’ crafty momma. I wouldn’t get glitter out with my kids for nothin’! Thanks again for having Sam over!

  3. […] year I thought I would re-post some ornaments we did last year, the Remembrance Ornaments, which we did for our son to do on his own and be creative. Handmade ornaments were always my […]

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