Posted by: Meagan | December 23, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I know tons and tons of people are posting about Christmas traditions but really when else can/should you post them? They are obviously important or you wouldn’t do them every year and they vary so widely that it can be really weird, all you married people know what I mean. That first Christmas with the in laws or with your spouse and all the sudden there are a hundred new rules and traditions to follow. We have to pick and choose which ones to keep and which ones to lose, and hopefully it all ends in a happy compromise although I know that doesn’t always happen, I’m still disappointed that after 4 years we still don’t have a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol ~AHEM!~

My husband and I had very different childhoods so we’ve had to combine some traditions and some we would like to do but aren’t able to right now. My husband lived by both sets of his grandparents and spent many holidays with extended family whereas my family didn’t live close to any extended family and we did not travel to see them nor did they travel to see us. So growing up we always had a huge Christmas Eve dinner with the Gray’s and they usually invited several families from church so there were a zillion children running around, playing and tiring themselves out – which I’m sure was the parent’s intent. My family also watched The Muppets and once the kids woke up presents were ripped to shreds within minutes and toys and wrapping paper littered the entire living room. Oh yes, we also got to open one gift Christmas Eve from my grandparents which was usually pajamas or clothing of some kind. For several years I would sneak out and sleep under the Christmas Tree so I could catch Santa but somehow I always ended up in bed with no Santa sighting that I could remember.

My husband’s family must watch The Grinch some time after Thanksgiving, they have dinners with grandparents (generally on Christmas day) and open gifts one at a time. They are also generally fully dressed and ready for the day when presents are open – what? Our first Christmas we showed up at my in laws in pajamas and everyone was dressed and ready for the day… awkward. But it’s generally a family day, playing with gifts and big card games and lots of food.

I do like to have a big dinner and with this being our first year away from all family I was planning on inviting some friends over but my little boy has a cold and is coughing and has a runny nose, not something that most people find appetizing or inviting. *Sigh* So I guess we’ll just keep it small with the 3 and 4/5ths of us. We’ll have a yummy turkey dinner with potatoes, gravy, broccoli, rolls, etc. And we love hot chocolate so that will be our drink of choice. My friend Lara says her family drinks eggnog in the morning; yuck. Sorry Lara, you know I love you but… gross! 🙂

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that your day is wonderful!

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  1. Oh, the fun navigation of merging two families traditions. I’m hosting Christmas this year and all my in-laws are coming. Weird, but fun.

    We’ve had several years of just our own private Christmases and I have to say they are my favorites. I feel like traveling around the holidays is just too overwhelming and the visits are never that great. People are too bothered with big feasts, high expectations, busy stuff, traditions, whatever, and it’s just a lot of stress and craziness. I would rather save my few family visits for when absolutely nothing else is going on. I guess I grew up that way too. We had no extended family nearby so all holidays were just my immediate family. And now my parents totally get that and don’t give us grief at all for not coming, but it’s like a huge travesty to my inlaws if we don’t drop everything and see them at Christmas/Thanksgiving. Oh well. That’s why they’re coming to us this year!

  2. Haha. And like WY isn’t snowy and dangerous at Thanksgiving and at Christmas??? No way! We wont drive back to Idaho in the winter because we have to drive through WY and Colorado to get there and I don’t want to get stuck in a snow drift.

    I figure we probably will start having our own Christmases from now on and invite the grandparents to come visit us.

  3. Of course there isn’t as much snow toward the south . . . 🙂

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