Posted by: Meagan | January 4, 2010


With the new year people make changes, and I am one of those people… at least this year. I wont be posting every day during the week anymore. I know you are all frowning at the thought, but with a baby (hopefully) coming in the next week and a toddler I am going to have to reduce my posts. It’s part of my new year’s resolution to simplify my life.

Who doesn’t need some simplification in their life? I think that should be everyone’s new year’s resolution! Simplify, organize and declutter. Those things may sound easy but when you get down to it it’s hard to do all those things! So first things first, throwing things away. No more him-hawing about if I should keep a gift that someone gave me 5 years ago and I still don’t use. It’s gone, for my sanity and hopefully someone will be able to reuse it. Salvation Army, I hope you’re ready.

I hope if you are making new year’s resolutions you will check out my post on Staying Motivated.



  1. Yay! This was my resolution too. I’m so tired of the clutter in my home and never being able to find anything. I’m going to be much more organized and declutter the entire house. I’m also, not planning on scheduling every minute of our day, but I’m going to keep a calendar (outside of my normal day planner) with what we have planned for the day (crafts, fun little lessons, etc.) I’ve also this year already made the change to do a separate planner for work and for home. Last year I had 1 planner for everything and I went crazy and forgot lots of important things.

  2. Declutter?!!! Sigh.
    Let me know if you need anything before, during, or after the baby comes!

  3. It’s okay to be a little selfish, because in the end it isn’t selfish at all. I’m anxious to hear about your new little babe. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot. Make sure to take one last baby bump picture!

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