Posted by: Meagan | January 8, 2010

Baby Showers

Should people have a baby shower for every child? I ask this question because it really seems to vary depending on the geographical area along with your circle of friends. I was very blessed to have three showers when I had my first baby and wasn’t expecting a shower for my second however I have a friend who is throwing me a shower which I’m thankful for. Even though I am having another boy they are being born in completely different seasons so my first year of clothing (besides newborn sleepers) can’t be reused. I was doing some research and someone posed a similar question on most people were in favor of having a shower for a second child or third. A lot of people then clarified that it’s fine to have a shower if there is a big gap between children, some said that baby showers are a celebration of a life not about gifts, and others mentioned a diaper shower for parents who will have two children in diapers.

For my shower my friend asked what I needed most and to be honest I told her diapers and new baby winter clothes. We still have the car seat, pack n’ play, baby swing, etc. My in laws were gracious enough to help us out with some bigger purchases we needed to make to store clothes and replace a breast pump and get some new supplies. So we have been very blessed to have help but having two children in diapers is really expensive! My two year old is showing absolutely no interest in potty training, and with the baby coming I decided we would just wait until we get into a routine after the baby comes before we try potty training again. So it will probably be around his third birthday before we get on that train again.

So what do you think? Should people have baby showers for a second or third baby?



  1. It’s tricky. Definitely for firsts. When my mom had her fourth, the ladies in the ward gave her a shower. She felt weird about it because she already had boys and girls and all the “stuff” but the ladies insisted she deserved some new stuff after being through 3 babies.

    I’ve heard of little mini showers called “sprinkles” – kind of like what you were saying with just diapers and clothes and having fun celebrating life in general. I think second showers are more common when those friends/neighbors weren’t around for the birth of the first baby and they want to make a big deal and have fun with this baby. Just go with it!

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